Sunday, December 29, 2019

Practice 2019: Rangemaster Bullseye Course

NRA B8 Target
I firmly believe that you should periodically test your skills against a recognized standard course of fire. On 28 December 2019, my friend Steve and I shot the Rangemaster Drill of the Month.

Rangemaster has a monthly drill published in their newsletter along with articles of interest. If you do not read it, I would recommend you give it a look: Rangemaster Newsletter 

I shot the Rangemaster Bullseye Course with my every day carry SIG P320 compact that has a Trijicon RMR. I used my 135gr reloads that are the equivalent of the Hornady Critical Duty 135gr standard pressure loads and fire to the same point of impact. Although the course calls for you to begin at low ready, we shot the course starting with a holstered pistol for each stage.

Rangemaster Bullseye Course: Fired on NRA B-8 target, scored as printed, except any shots outside the 7 ring count as zero points. For reference, the "8 ring" of the NRA B8 is 8-inches in diameter (the same size as an IDPA "zero down" body scoring area), the 9 ring is 5.54-inches, the 10 ring is 3.36 inches, and the X ring is 1.695 inches.

All strings begin at the ready position

-- 25 yards 5
rounds in 1 minute

-- 15 yards 5 rounds in 15 seconds

-- 10 yards 5 rounds in 10 seconds

-- 7 yards 10 rounds in 15 seconds.  Start with 5 rounds in the pistol. Fire 5 rounds, reload, fire 5 more rounds all within 15 seconds.

-- 5 yards: 5 rounds in 5 seconds

Each shot is worth 10 points so 30 rounds total is a possible score of 300 points. Per Rangemaster, 270 is necessary to pass at Instructor level.

I shot Run #1 cold without warm up using the red dot sight and shot a 299. Run #2 also using the red dot followed with a 300. Although Run #2 was a higher score, the group size for Run #1 was actually better.

I shot Run #3 with the dot turned off using the iron backup sights. Even if you use a red dot, you should occasionally turn it off and confirm that your iron sights are still zeroed.  My eyesight not being what it used to be, the 25 yard string was more challenging and I shot a 295.

I maintain a record of my practice sessions and my skill with the red dot has significantly improved over the past two years as has my shooting in general. Deliberate practice pays off over time.

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