Sunday, December 29, 2019

West Freeway Church of Christ Shooting--Preliminary Observations

As most of us are likely aware, there was a shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas this morning (29 December 2019) and unfortunately the shooter critically injured one innocent and killed another. As of this writing, what appeared to be a security guard stopped the murder’s rampage with one shot. These are preliminary observations based upon my analysis of the video the church was streaming at the time of the incident.

During the service, the shooter who was seated on the left side of the auditorium approached church member #1 and appeared to ask a question. Church member #1 responded and pointed to the back of the church. At that moment, the shooter took one step back and produced a pistol-gripped, probable pump shotgun from under his coat initially pointing it at church member #1.

Another church member (#2) seated along the wall noticed the shotgun, stood, and began to slowly draw a concealed pistol catching the shooter’s attention. The shooter then shifted his aim and fired a shot that struck church member #2 before he could completely draw his pistol. From the time the shooter’s gun became visible to the shooter’s first shot at church member #2 was 3.58 seconds. Approximately 1.18 seconds later, the shooter fired a shot at church member #1 who fell to the floor.

The shooter then turned to his left, pumped the shotgun, and started forward while raising the gun into a firing position.

The security guard (my assumption because the individual appears to be wearing visible body armor and an openly carried pistol in a duty rig) noticed the shooter’s gun and began to draw his pistol approximately 1.2 seconds after the gun became visible.

He completed his draw and fired one shot that likely struck the shooter in the head (the shooter’s hood moved when the bullet struck) approximately 4.66 seconds after the shooter’s gun first became visible.

I believe there are many lessons to learn from this incident and I will provide an update in the days to come.

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