Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Practice 2018 - The Original IDPA Classifier

The original IDPA Classifier consisted of three stages for 90 rounds total and incorporated some of the classic drills like the Mozambique and the El Presidente. The 90-round classifier tests many skills that a shooter should be able to demonstrate from short range, 5-yard rapid shots, out to 20-yard longer shots. The team that put the 90-round classifier courses of fire together captured the 10 major tasks you must perform in the course of shooting a match and that you might find yourself using in a self-defense encounter on the street.

These are:

In Stage One: 

    -- Safely draw the pistol

    -- Extend to fire

    -- Transition between targets

    -- Turning then drawing the pistol

    -- Reloading the pistol

    -- Executing precise shots

    -- Shooting the pistol unsupported with either hand

Stage Two adds the following to the Stage One tasks:

    -- Moving while shooting

Stage Three adds:

    -- Shooting from cover

    -- Moving from one shooting position to another

In this practice session, a friend of mine and I did some experimentation on reaction time and then shot the 90-round IDPA Classifier. I used my SIG P320 Carry (an IDPA CCP division pistol with RMR) in a Blade-Tech - Total Eclipse Holster. The Total Eclipse and similar holsters keep the pistol snug to the body which reduces printing under a concealment garment.

The temperature on the range this fine Texas day was 102 degrees with high humidity. Even so, my times and points on Stage #1 and #2 were decent. On Stage #3, I slowed down a bit and dropped 12 points—reflective of my lack of practice at these distances. Overall, I was satisfied with the 89.76 total score which is Master for every IDPA Division except ESP (there were 11 shots on Stage 2, T2 so a pasty must have fallen off).

The original IDPA Classifier is a very good test of your shooting skills and is far more difficult than the shooting problem that average self-defense distances present. If you can shoot high Sharpshooter or better on demand, you can likely solve most problems you might encounter on the street. 

For the original 90-round IDPA classifier course of fire, click here.

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  1. how do you take those pictures that show your hits with the white circles?