Monday, November 27, 2023

The Range Master Nov 23 Drill of the Month

I went to the range this weekend and shot the Range Master Drill of the Month for November 2023.  Tom Givens and Range Master include their drill of the month in the Range Master monthly newsletter.  

Per the newsletter:

Target:  Use the IALEFI-Q, IDPA Cardboard, or RFTS-Q target

Scoring:  10 points for any hit inside the 8 inch circle in the chest, or inside the head ring. 5 points for any hit inside the silhouette but outside the 8”circle or the head ring.

Drill: Begin with the weapon holstered and concealed, loaded with only two rounds. On signal, draw, fire 2 rounds to the chest, reload the pistol and fire 2 more rounds to the chest, then one to the head circle. Record the time for the string.

Fire the drill at 5 yards and then again at 10 yards.

Ten rounds total. 100 points possible. Add the two times for a total time.

Hit Factor: Total points divided by total time = score. (Hit factor scoring)

Par score = 6. The goal is a score of 6 or higher.

This drill covers a concealed presentation from the holster, fast accurate shooting, an empty gun reload, and a transition to a smaller target. It also requires a timing shift when changing from 5 yards to 10 yards. This integrates a number of important skills in one fairly quick, low round count exercise.

I started my practice session with the Nov 23 DOTM shot cold with my P320 full size from concealment per the instructions. My five yard run was 4.69 seconds and my ten yard run was 6.87 seconds. I shot it clean with a total time of 11.54 seconds giving me a hit factor of 8.66.

I then ran the drill seven more times for practice and averaged my hit factor for those seven runs. My best run was 8.72 seconds with 90 points producing a hit factor of 10.32. The worst run of the seven was 11.34 clean with a hit factor of 8.81. My average for the seven “warmed up” runs was 10.22 seconds with a 9.56 hit factor.

My reload average for all runs was 2.37 seconds -- not very fast. I don't practice reloading as much as I should.

Good drill; I enjoyed it. The Range Master Monthly Newsletter has a lot of good information and is available at:

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