Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Training Ammunition - One of Reloading's Benefits

As I was preparing for a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Firearms Instructor Certification class I wanted to confirm the zero on my pistols with the training ammunition I planned to use in the class. I zero my SIG P320 and P365 everyday carry pistols for my carry ammunition, the Hornady Critical Duty 9mm 135 grain FlexLock standard pressure round. However, I wanted to determine where the training ammunition was hitting with my carry zero.

Many years ago I developed a 135 grain training load that shot close to the same point of impact as the Hornady Critical Duty. I load the Xtreme 135 9mm 135 flat point plated bullet; Winchester primers; 3.7 grains of Universal Powder; and typically do not sort my brass. I have found that this load has worked well in my SIG P320 and P365.

Being able to match your reloads to your carry ammunition is one of several advantages reloading offers. Reloading can be very satisfying and can save you money as well. Of course, safety protocols are always important to consider and follow. If you are completely new to reloading, there are a variety of books and online information that can help you get started. Click here for an article that discusses some reloading tips and tricks I've learned over the years through my own experience and that of others.

My training load continued to perform satisfactorily with a 15-yard zero within a 1.697-inch circle if I discount the single flyer (that I called). The same held true with the Hornady Critical Duty 9mm 135 grain FlexLock standard pressure round that was also within the 1.697-inch circle discounting the single flyer.


I have always had good results from the Critical Duty standard pressure round in every pistol in which I have tried it. In my pistols, the standard pressure round is typically a little more accurate than the +P version. The fact that the FBI, the Texas Department of Public Safety (state police), and my county sheriff’s office also use the Hornady Critical Duty is a happy coincidence. For several reasons, it is a good idea to carry the round a national law enforcement agency or your state or local police carry, if possible.

Carry ammo is expensive. Reloading your ammunition can provide a more economical practice round for matches and training. The opportunity to develop a load that matches the point of impact for your carry ammunition is an added plus.

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