Sunday, February 23, 2020

Active Killer Drill

This is a drill we've been doing that replicates an incident in a Texas Church in late 2019. During the incident, an active Killer shoots two people and then a private citizen shoots and stops killer at a distance of approximately 20 yards.

Drill must be shot cold--no warm up using your carry ammunition. Pistol must be drawn from concealment and a single shot taken within 4.84 seconds at a distance of 25 yards.

Target is head shaped 12” x 7” with a 5” wide neck.

The video shows three runs with the following results:

    -- 2 Jan 20 run: 4.02 seconds
    -- 7 Jan 20 run: 3.74 seconds
    -- 23 Feb 20 run: 4.06 seconds

All runs within the 4.84 second time limit (the actual time in the incident). This drill is designed to force you to concentrate on yours sights and trigger pull. Although designed to add stress, it clearly does not replicate the laser-like focus of the private citizen who stopped the Active Killer and the stress he must have suppressed to make the shot.

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