Sunday, October 6, 2019

Practice 2019: Rangemaster Level V qualification

Every now and then you should test your skills against a recognized standard course of fire. On 28 September 2019, my friend Steve and I ran five standard courses of fire one after another. The second course was the Rangemaster Level V qualification.

I shot the all of the standards with my every day carry SIG P320 compact that has a Trijicon RMR. I used my 135gr reloads that are the equivalent of the Hornady Critical Duty 135gr standard pressure loads and fire to the same point of impact.

For the Rangemaster Level V qualification you fire 50 rounds with a total 250 possible score. I have not attended a Rangemaster pistol course; however, my research indicates that the passing score is 200 points.

The Rangemaster Level V qualification uses an RM-Q2 target scored 5, 4, 3. I did not have an RM-Q2 target; so, I used a standard IDPA target since the inner center circle on the RM-Q2 is 8” and the head circle is 4 inches.

The Rangemaster Level V qualification is as follows:

    -- 3 yards – Draw and fire 3 rounds. 2.5 seconds. Repeat.

    -- 5 yards – Draw and fire 5 rounds, dominant hand only. 5 seconds.

    -- 5 yards – Start at (low) ready and fire 5 rounds, non-dominant hand only. 5 seconds.

    -- 5 yards – Draw and fire 3 to the chest and 2 to the head. 5 seconds. 

    -- 5 yards – Draw and fire 3 to the chest and 2 to the head, dominant hand only. 6 seconds.

    -- 7 yards – Draw and fire 5 rounds. 5 seconds.

    -- 7 yards – Start at (low) ready, 3 rounds only in gun. On signal, fire 3 rounds, reload, fire 2 rounds. 8 seconds.

    -- 10 yards – Start at (low) ready, stove-pipe malfunction in place. On signal, fire 2 rounds. 5 seconds.

    -- 10 yards – Start at (low) ready, dummy round as top round in magazine (live round in chamber). On signal, fire 2 rounds. 7 seconds.

    -- 15 yards – Draw and fire 3 rounds. 5 seconds. Repeat.

    -- 25 yards – Draw and fire 4 rounds. 8 seconds.

I was pleased with my performance scoring a possible 250 on the Level V qualification and met all time requirements. I have been focusing on my trigger pull in my practice lately and this target is showing some improvement. My shots have a better distribution in the center of the 8” scoring zone with only a few in the lower left.

Although clearly designed for a semi-automatic pistol, my friend Steve shot the Level V qualification with his S&W 686 revolver. Steve also scored a possible 250 and finished every string within required times. 

In the world of semi-automatic pistol courses of fire the revolver is normally at a disadvantage. Not so with the
Level V qualification.  Steve could not do the 10-yard stovepipe malfunction clearance nor the Tap/Rack so we set his revolver to click on an empty chamber for these strings. With a revolver, when you hear a click instead of a bang, you simply pull the trigger again.  A bang and you are good to go.  Another click and you reload.

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