Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New SIG P320 EDC

Shortly after the SIG P320 X5 came out, I had the opportunity to try one.  It was OK, but didn’t seem like something to flip over.  Then a friend of mine bought one and I had the opportunity to shoot it a bit more—the more I shot it, the more I liked it.  My friend decided that for him it was an interesting (if expensive) experiment; however, he really didn’t need it and offered it to me.

So . . . I bought it. 

I took it to the range where my friend and I shot the old IPDA classifier several times with good results.  Trying out the new (to me) X5, I shot back-to-back SSP Master runs with an 89.49 and 90.53 respectively. My friend Steve shot a 97.64 with his revolver which is the fastest either of us has ever shot this course of fire with a revolver so congrats to Steve.

I’ve been interested in putting together two identical carry pistols for some time. Identical in every respect with the same RMR, trigger pull, same everything.  There are several reasons for this, key among this is that I want to have a backup pistol in case the primary goes down and to be able to rotate them through matches and training sessions to spread the wear and tear on the pistols.

I tried this with two M&P C.O.R.E.s but we just couldn’t get there.  Everything is the same on the M&Ps except the trigger pull which is different enough that I notice it. As I switch between pistols there is a readjustment period as I accustom myself to the different trigger pull. 

The SIG P320 platform seems to offer the possibility of identical trigger pulls so I’m going to try this with two P320 Carry pistols.  I’m having Gray Guns do their new P320 Self Defense Enhancement Package carry/duty trigger upgrade. 

I had Suarez International do the machining for the Trijicon RMR cuts and their work was superb as always. 

Why am I moving away from the M&P? I still believe that the M&P is perfectly satisfactory for almost all every day carry purposes.  However, as I continue to improve as a shooter I have noticed that I am beginning to exceed the (or at least my) M&P’s accuracy at longer distances.  Fifty yards shooting an 8-inch steel plate? No problem. 

However, as I move out to 75 yards, shots with the M&P, shots that I am certain were spot on miss by a slight margin. When I shoot paper, at fifty yards the M&P stays within the 8-inch zero down circle of a standard IDPA target while at 75 yards it has opened up to 10'ish inches.

My experience with the P320 indicates that it is a more accurate.The best group to date was a six shot, 3-1/4 inch group at 50 yards.*

Why should you care about hitting at longer distances? As the world becomes more dangerous, it is certainly possible that you could find yourself facing a mass killer armed with a rifle and wearing a protective vest.  Distances of fifty yards or greater are not that unusual in shopping malls and other large buildings. 

This project is obviously not a trivial undertaking; however, with all factors taken into account I believe the P320 will be a better platform for my purposes.  I will update this post as the project progresses.

* The NRA 50-yard Standard Slow Fire pistol target’s bullseye is 8 inches in diameter and the X-ring is 1.695 inches in diameter.  To put this in perspective, when I was on the Army Ft. Meade pistol team we had shooters who could hold the X-ring at fifty yards standing, with one hand, iron sights.

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