Thursday, August 25, 2022

Practice 2022: The No Fail Drill Expanded

A "Failed" No Fail Drill
I recently saw the No Fail Drill on the Active Response Training website and decided I would try it. The No Fail Drill is attributed to Chuck Pressberg of Presscheck Training and Consulting; however, I could not find the drill’s description on the Presscheck website so I went with the description on Primer Peak. (

The No Fail Drill is relatively straight forward. You start with the pistol concealed. You must draw and place a hit inside the 9-ring on a standard NRA B8 target center placed at 25 yards within 3.5 seconds. It must be shot cold. You do this 10 times; any shot outside the 9-ring is a miss and you fail the drill. I did not have difficulty making the time limit; however, I failed the drill with three rounds outside the 9-ring as shown in the picture on the right.

Shooting the No Fail Drill works on drawing from concealment, establishing a solid grip and stance, acquiring a rapid sight picture, and trigger control. The time limit of 3.5 seconds means you cannot dither on the draw and your presentation must place the sights on the target. At 25 yards, if your trigger pull is not well executed you will likely miss.
As I continued to work on the No Fail Drill, I decided my initial goal would be to shoot the drill clean using the 4-inch circle on the target I use for my classes. This is a slightly more difficult standard since it is 1.54 inches smaller than the B8 nine ring.
I will post a running update as I progress with this drill.  The pictures below show two of my attempts in mid-Aug 22.  Both were fails due to shots outside the circle. Only nine shots on the right target, one shot missed the target completely.
If/when I am at the point where I consistently pass with the 4-inch circle scoring area, I will change it to the ocular cavity triangle.
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