Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Same Thing, The Correct Way, Every Time

The Same Thing, The Correct Way, Every Time.

My students tell me that my mantra (see above) is often the one thing that really sticks in their mind. I tend to repeat it over and over during the course of a class. To shoot well you must do the same thing, the correct way, every time.

I did not do this as I was shooting the lower target. Steve and I were shooting the standard version of Gila Hayes 5x5 drill (not the IDPA version). I was using my P320 with an RMR. I had a great group going until I jerked the trigger literally on the last two shots. I failed to pull the trigger correctly two times.

The group on the upper target was the same pistol with the RMR turned off and using the iron sights. A bit of a drift to the lower left (I’m right handed) indicating that I did not have a perfect trigger pull on this run either.

Back to the range for more deliberate practice!

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